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Tigris! I cannot handle your cuteness!!!!
If you haven’t been watching your missing out! Check it out on my snapchat: jwillobee #ratchetchronicles #snapchat #series #original @snapchat
@chickfila #chickfila got a chicken strip sandwich! #finally #justkidding but really where is this sandwich I’d buy it!
Feelin the anime #attackontitans #picstitch
The NeverEnding story. #amazonprime I love you right now #childhood
@twaimz #badbitchburrito @xoebun @thirdnight_91
Goal to find ways to naturally integrate exercise into my life. #workout #exercise #makelifehappen
Come out to the Russell union at the rotunda to pop balloons and win prizes from these awesome businesses! Grand prize $25 CASH! #balloonblastgsu @gsaofgsu
Saw this and had to post it. Statesboro advertising is very confusing. 



that moment i almost shipped Danny and Stiles..

the fuck you mean by ‘almost’

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Everybody is like sorry for all the Catching Fire post and im like


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The games have begun and the fandom has awaken.

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